Calibrand Talent Management

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Calibrand Talent Management (Calibrand TM) provides an integrated solution to talent management.

The purpose of the application is to 'join up' the variety of aspects of an organisation's Human Resource information, so management can take effective decisions about:

What is Calibrand TM's role within the Employment Cycle?

Calibrand TM is the critical element of resource planning. An organisation needs to understand the dynamic between achieving to performance results and having the top performers in the right role at the right moment. The Employment Cycle recognises that this planning stage is the beginning and the end for any people management process, where the objectives of the organisation are established and 'drilled-down' to job specifications. Calibrand TM helps to answer questions such as:

What can Calibrand TM help me achieve?

For you Calibrand's solution is:

For the 'talent pool', Calibrand's solution:


Talent Dictionary

The key talents are identified and maintained with appropriate weighting placed on them, and provide the basis of the profiles required by the organisation. The talents cover a wide range of characteristics, such as:

Assessment Tools

Data is gathered from a variety of sources, whether electronic or paper-based, and scored appropriately against the pre-defined talents profile. Third party links may be used or the assessment tools available within Calibrand TM including:

Enquiries and reports

The system provides on screen enquiries and a range of reports, the majority of which can be exported to other systems, MS Office applications (e.g. MS Excel) or viewed as a PDF or HTML file (for printing).

An example of key management reports include:

In addition to the above core modules, Calibrand TM provides access to or holds key management tools and information such as:

More information:

If you would like further information on Calibrand TM, or the other core modules or services available, or to arrange an initial exploratory meeting, please contact us.