Our Approach

Our core company values are:

In the image above the group is working as a team to achieve their objective which is straightforward; to climb the dominating glacier before them. However in similar with the business world, the route to the top requires trust, flexibility and communication.

Our core company values provide the foundation for how we work with clients. Taking a consultative and highly proactive approach, we seek to work in partnership with our clients, to create the most effective solutions to their particular business needs. We have a core group of proprietary applications although our solutions are rarely identical - every situation requires a specific, tailored approach. Where appropriate, we will recommend and help to implement third-party solutions.

Recognising the imperative to continually change and adapt our software and services to meet the developing needs of our clients, we place a particular emphasis on responding pragmatically to specific client requirements or circumstances, and on providing continuing support to clients throughout their use of our solutions.

We have a structured approach to development, underpinned by a Quality Management System and comprehensive client support arrangements.

The Calibrand Quality Management System is accredited under BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

The effective operation of our Quality Management System is assured by a programme of internal audit and management review, the aim of which is to implement corrective and preventive actions that are designed to ensure the continuous improvement of our service.

LRQA Logo for ISO9001/2000 Quality Assurance