Calibrand Marker

Calibrand Marker is an Internet or intranet based workflow application that allows you to manage the progress of marking at all stages of the assessment process.

Managers, Markers and Committee Members access the marker system through secure measures, at any Internet point, at anytime.

What is Calibrand Marker's role in the Assessment Process?

Calibrand Marker is used primarily for essay and case-study type testing and plays a key role in the assessment process by allowing the user to manage the assessments online; assign tests to markers; award marks and comment on a candidate's answers; and refer results within a pre-determined range to committee members for ratification.

What can Calibrand Marker help me achieve?

For you Calibrand's system will:

Calibrand Marker screenshot


Assessment Management

The system can be used in conjunction with e-Assessment Software or as a standalone system for marking scanned-in paper scripts and inputting marks for record keeping.

Each type of user has defined roles and access rights depending on whether they are a manager, marker, exam committee member or a super user.

Marker Tools

An easy to use interface allows users of the system to log in and mark candidate essay answers. The tools available to users include:

Marker Integration

Calibrand Marker is a flexible system that can be integrated and utilised with different systems based on the requirements of the user.

Examples of how it can be integrated include:

Workflow & Messages

The system monitors and automates the tasks to be undertaken by different users as these tasks reach the different stages in the workflow.

Question developers create questions, which may be authorised by another, in order to keep integrity and continuity.

Exam managers use these questions to create a series of assessments, each with their own marking rules. They configure the assessments to allow complete flexibility in the assigning of exams to markers.

Once a candidate has taken an assessment, the exam is assigned automatically to a marker, using the rules previously defined.

If the marker is free and able to mark the exam assigned to them they can accept the requirements, which include the deadline given for marking, whether comments are included and the amount of assessments.

If a marker was unable to assess the exams then they can reject the assignment and the manager will automatically be given the exam back to assign to an appropriate marker.

If the final mark falls within a pre-determined range, an exam can be referred to exam committee members for moderation, etc.

More information

If you would like further information on Calibrand Marker, or the other core modules or services available, or to arrange an initial exploratory meeting, please contact us.