Press Releases

Calibrand has made the following announcements to the press:

Name Date
ACT, Turnitin and Calibrand join forces for online assignment submission. 14/07/2016
Calibrandtest certified as Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) v1.0 & 1.1 compliant by IMS Global. 29/03/2016
Calibrand now on Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework 21/03/2016
Calibrand assessment systems on GCloud7 13/01/2016
NCOI Group Calibrand’s new partner in delivering online exam systems 15/10/2015
ACT to deliver remotely invigilated global examinations using Calibrand systems 24/03/2015
Denis Saunders – Managing Director of Calibrand, “We are delighted to be working with PHE, to develop the Public Health Skills Passport 16/01/2015
CIPFA partners with Calibrand to deliver global online assessments and examinations for new Professional Qualification 11/11/2014
Calibrand opens London test centre 04/07/2014
Calibrand World Cup 2014 Predictions 12/06/2014
Calibrand acquire Question Bank Management 17/11/2011
Calibrand show the way forward with award winning Diploma delivered by e-Assessment (PDF) 17/11/2011
Calibrand team up with learndirect at the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) conference (PDF) 07/11/2011
Calibrand partners with UFI/learndirect for key European Assessment Conference (PDF) 26/09/2011
Calibrand allows financial advisers to 'mix & match' with CII (PDF) 14/09/2011
Calibrand win prestigious award at key e-Assessment industry conference (PDF) 01/09/2011
British Occupational Hygiene Society partners with Calibrand for integrated e-Assessment Solutions Management (PDF) 07/02/2011
Calibrand bring e-Assessment into the workplace with HI-STAK® portable testing for Learning & Skills 2011 (PDF) 26/01/2011
Calibrand showcase level 4 RDR Diploma at Openwork’s National Conference (PDF) 20/01/2011
Tenet Group and Calibrand announce new RDR Qualification partnership (PDF) 03/12/2010
Calibrand shows good practice and experience in e-Assessment Solutions at Assessment Tomorrow conference (PDF) 25/11/2010
Calibrand delivers mobile e-Assessment solution for RDR Financial Services Qualifications (PDF) 11/11/2010
IFP back Calibrand SQA RDR Diploma (PDF) 08/11/2010
Calibrand boss warns advisers on RDR exams 14/10/2010
Calibrand leads debate on the realities of professional certification at European Test Publishers Conference (PDF) 29/09/2010
Calibrand showcase new RDR Qualification at IFP Annual Conference (PDF) 21/09/2010
A New Qualification for RDR: Calibrand launch Adviser Learning Centre (PDF) 14/09/2010
Calibrand completes eAssessment Scotland 2010 event line-up (PDF) 24/08/2010
Calibrand St. Patrick's Day double-header at e-Assessment Question event (PDF) 08/03/2010
NEBOSH partners with Calibrand for integrated e-Assessment Solution (PDF) 08/03/2010
Calibrand innovates in e-Assessment delivery with A-CAT at Learning & Skills showcase (PDF) 26/01/2010
Calibrand Advances Exam Security Debate at UK Military Conference (PDF) 11/11/2009
Calibrand Leads Debate On Exam Security at European Test Publishers Conference (PDF) 30/09/2009