Institute of Hospitality


Transition and delivery of e-Assessment system within 30 working days


Service Transition, Audit, International e-Assessment Delivery

The customer

Founded in 1938, is the professional body for managers working in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. As an awarding body, the Institute offers a unique, dedicated suite of industry leading and accredited management qualifications.

The challenge

Calibrand was approached by the Institute, as they needed to transition their e-Assessment examinations quickly from their current provider, to one which provides room for growth, reliability, value for money and is straightforward for users to use.

As a contractual requirement, the service transition had to be performed within 30 working days. IoH were also looking for outstanding customer service and support.

The solution

Calibrand has experienced increasing numbers of service transition for e-Assessment, but rarely one with such a demanding timeline.

A rapid response team was created with a Project Initiation that included inter-action with the key people in the Institute.

Familiarisation of the Calibrand system was performed via WebEx, using a 'white label' system, while the Institute's system was built, configured and tested. In parallel, the items, questions, exams and other metadata would be imported, security screened, audited and tested for quality assurance.

24 days from Project initiation, the system was ready to go live, following a successful service transition, testing and full deployment.

The Institute's new branded system, configured by Calibrand permits the Institute to:

The results

Working with Calibrand since 2011, the Institute has expanded testing for its UK Approved Centres, which are colleges or work-based learning environments, and also delivered tests to its growing international Approved Centres.

John Cunningham, Director of Professional Development said:

'Despite a tough and demanding deadline to transition our service, the Calibrand team rose to the challenge and deployed on time for us. The Helpdesk team guided our Institute to quickly use the system functionality. The Calibrand consultants and analysts ensured a seamless transition and interface with our IT systems and staff. The system has really helped to support our expansion in the Far-East and other international territories.'