FPI Case Study

The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) has enjoyed a successful working partnership with Calibrand Limited for the past three years, providing examinations with support initially both locally and remotely.

Christopher Busschau, CFP® Head: Examination Body, of FPI said,

'Dealing with the helpdesk directly via email and telephone has been excellent. The responses are knowledgeable, timely and it has become apparent that we never need to meet face to face, it really is a true 'global village'. We are doing more and more assessments and finding that the Calibrand solutions provide exact information and test delivery as and when required.'

Tim Winfield, Helpdesk Manager at Calibrand commented,

'We have been working with FPI on a more remote basis over the past year. The FPI staff are a pleasure to work with, always providing comprehensive details of their plans and any issues are anticipated in advance to make the test delivery as smooth as possible. It's not a problem to support FPI with the one or two hour time difference in South Africa.'